Residential electricity rates

The rate you pay for your electricity covers the cost of providing you with electricity service. Rates are subject to change at least once per year; how they are designed is reviewed approximately every five years. The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) reviews and approves all rate decisions.

About current rates

Rates include everything we do to bring electricity to your home, from buying or generating electricity to sending it along the many power lines, substations and poles in between. 

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How rates are designed

Rate design determines how rates are structured; that is, how much revenue is collected from each customer class, such as residential or commercial, so that each class is fairly charged for their share of the cost of providing their service. Rate design also determines how rates are structured for each rate class.

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Current rate decisions

FortisBC’s electricity rates are reviewed annually by the BCUC. On January 1, 2024, FortisBC's electricity rates increased by 6.74 per cent.

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Did you know?

Your electricity rate has both a fixed and variable charge. The variable charge is tied to your electricity usage. Fixed charges pay for the costs of meters and infrastructure maintenance, which are necessary for providing electricity service. It’s the same on every bill and not based on how much electricity you use.

What do rates pay for?

The rate you pay covers the cost of providing you with the safe, reliable service you depend on, from generating power to delivering it to your property.