We’re committed to supporting BC’s transition to a low-carbon economy. To do this successfully, we need to balance financial, environmental and social factors. Our focus on sustainability is about prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers, our communities, the environment and our employees—today, and into the future.

Our commitment to sustainability—past, present and future

Our Corporate and Sustainability Report for 2018 highlights some of the significant achievements and challenges of the past year, and reports on a number of sustainability performance measurements.

Our commitment to sustainability and BC’s energy future is further outlined in our Clean Growth Pathway to 2050 and our Sustainability Report from 2017. Learn how our commitment to investing in projects will make life more affordable for British Columbians, improve efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and drive innovation.

By strategically managing BC’s existing energy infrastructure and investing in new low-carbon energy supply, we see a long-term opportunity to continue creating sustainable, good-paying jobs across BC.

Our core values

Safety: we put safety first
We work hard to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and the public. Learn more about our approach to safety.

Customer care: we value our customers
Every day we work to provide our customers with great service and innovative energy solutions—safely, reliably and at the lowest reasonable cost.

Collaboration: we work as one company, one team with shared success
Our teams work in collaboration to support projects and programs that benefit our customers, our communities and our employees.

Respect: we are respectful, honest and ethical
We believe in treating everyone with respect and fairness. We value diversity and inclusion and we work with municipalities and Indigenous communities to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Progress: we seek better ways
We research and test alternative energy solutions so our customers will continue to have the energy they need, while reducing our impact to the environment. Learn more about our sustainable energy options like Renewable Natural Gas and electric vehicle charging stations.

Our sustainability pillars

We’re focused on four primary sustainability pillars—our customers, our partners & communities, the environment and our employees—and the actions we take to ensure these pillars provide a strong foundation for our future as a sustainable company:


  • providing quality customer service
  • delivering energy safely, reliably and at the lowest reasonable cost
  • offering innovative energy solutions to meet customers’ needs
  • educating customers and the public about energy safety and emergency preparedness

Partners & communities

  • investing where we live and work
  • creating jobs for British Columbians
  • recognizing our gas and electricity infrastructure crosses more than 150 Indigenous traditional territories and our company provides service to 56 Indigenous communities
  • nurturing relationships with Indigenous communities through understanding, respect, open communication and trust, in line with our Statement of Indigenous Principles


  • researching and testing cutting-edge technology like carbon capture and hydrogen blending
  • conservation and energy management programs to help our customers save energy
  • increasing the energy efficiency of our own operations
  • investing in innovative energy solutions and practices working towards a low-carbon future, like Renewable Natural Gas


  • providing a safe, respectful and engaging workplace
  • recognizing the value of our employees
  • supporting diversity in the workplace, increasing our ability to recruit and retain the best talent
  • developing a stable and motivated workforce to meet our customers’ energy needs and our shareholders’ expectations