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We need you to help us test new energy-efficiency technologies that will help further reduce the amount of energy a home or business needs for space and water heating.

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Why we pilot new energy-efficiency technologies

We’re always looking for opportunities to help our customers save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supporting the province’s climate action goals. Finding and testing new, leading-edge innovative technologies is one way our innovative technologies team is doing this. In fact, many of our past pilot programs have been very successful and turned into rebate programs made available to all customers.

Current pilots

Here’s a list of our pilot programs already in progress:

Thermolift natural gas heat pump

Ten customers, five residential and five small commercial are testing a new natural gas heat pump technology for space and water heating. The ThermoLift heat pump provides space and water heating in one system and is reported to offer efficiencies as high as 160 per cent. This pilot, the first in North America, will test the efficiency, reliability and customer acceptance of the technology. 

Results: expected in spring 2022.

Gas absorption heat pumps

This pilot will measure domestic hot water savings of installing two Robur gas absorption heat pump units to cover approximately 75 per cent of the domestic hot water load at up to seven participating commercial buildings. The pilot will help verify the energy savings, customer acceptance and installation of the heat pumps, and the results will help determine the feasibility of offering a rebate program to our customers.

Results: Preliminary results have showcased the gas absorption heat pumps to be a simple installation. Contractors found the installation to be similar to a boiler and have seen minimal issues related to the technology through out the monitoring and evaluation period. In fact, last January the gas absorption heat pumps performed at over 100% efficiency in -8 degree Celsius weather, exceeding expectations for heat pump applications. Final results expected in May 2020.

Carbon capture

A group of commercial customers in BC have been given carbon capture units, with the goal of evaluating how they can help save natural gas usage from boilers and convert carbon dioxide to soda ash, a usable byproduct. The pilot is also testing the acceptance of this technology, produced by Calgary-based CleanO2, in the marketplace.

Learn more about the Carbon Capture Pilot program.

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