Our 30BY30 target


FortisBC recognizes the importance of moving towards a lower carbon energy future for BC. Together with customers, industry, stakeholders and government, we’ve set an ambitious target to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030. 

What is 30BY30?

The 30BY30 target to reduce customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 is part of FortisBC’s vision to help the province of BC meet its climate action goals—our Clean Growth Pathway. This pathway helps guide the way forward to reducing emissions, with practical solutions and continuing the progress we’ve already made. 

What are we doing to achieve the 30BY30 target?

Meeting our 30BY30 target for emissions reduction is based on working with customers in four key areas set out in the Clean Growth Pathway: 

Investing in low and no-carbon vehicles and transportation infrastructure

  • We’ve helped put more than 850 low-carbon vehicles that use compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG or LNG) on the road in BC.
  • We’re supporting the adoption of electric vehicles by operating 19 direct current fast-charging EV stations across our electricity service area in the Southern Interior, and working with CleanBC to offer rebates on installing charging stations for homes, workplaces and multi-unit residential buildings. 

Supporting the growth of Renewable Gas (including sources like landfills, farms, hydrogen and syngas)

  • We’re currently working with five suppliers who make Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from organic waste, with several more suppliers who are in construction now (Lulu Island Wastewater Facility) or either have received regulatory approval (Vancouver Landfill) or are awaiting approval to begin their projects.
  • We’re also exploring the potential of other low-carbon gases such as hydrogen and syngas to meet BC’s energy needs.
  • Our Clean Growth Innovation Fund will allow us to invest an additional $4.9 million per year in innovative projects such as Renewable Natural Gas initiatives, to reduce emissions for a cleaner tomorrow. These projects will be funded in partnerships with government and industry.

Providing LNG locally and globally to lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Our LNG facilities provide bunkering (refuelling) services to support LNG-powered BC Ferries and Seaspan vessels.
  • Developing BC as an LNG bunkering hub is a way to address global GHG emissions from the shipping industry and provides economic opportunities for the province.
  • We currently supply Canada’s only LNG export deal through Top Speed Energy to China. Shipping LNG can help displace higher carbon fuels overseas.

Improving energy efficiency and developing innovative energy solutions for homes and businesses

  • We offer a variety of rebates for residential, commercial and industrial customers to help them upgrade to high-efficiency equipment, renovate existing homes and buildings to be more energy efficient, and construct new homes and buildings to the levels of the BC Energy Step Code.
  • From 2019 to 2022, we will triple our overall investment in energy-efficiency programs to $368.5 million.

How do both natural gas and electricity support the 30BY30 target? 

Our existing natural gas and electric infrastructure have roles to play in meeting our greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and supporting the targets established by the Province of BC as well as international agreements like the Paris Accord.

The safe, reliable, proven energy systems we use today can also provide flexible, diverse choices for the future. It’s important to keep our options open as we progress toward our goals. In fact, we have commissioned additional research to show how we can achieve the same level of greenhouse gas reductions with diverse energy choices as we could with widespread electrification—but at a more affordable cost for customers.  

It will not be easy, but with the participation of customers, industry, stakeholders and all levels of government, we’ll move together towards an energy diverse, lower carbon BC in 2030 and beyond. 

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