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Emergency preparedness

Carbon monoxide

An odourless gas that could be dangerous if undetected.


What to do in case of an earthquake – before, during and after.

Electrical emergencies

From electrical shocks to downed power lines over your car, know what to do.

Emergency kits

Make your own emergency kit​.

Fire and evacuations

In case of forest fires or evacuation, be prepared before, during and after.

Floods and storms

Protect your gas and electrical appliances in case of flooding.

Gas leaks and odours

Do you know what to do if you smell rotten eggs?

How FortisBC prepares for emergencies

Learn about FortisBC’s system safety in case of an emergency.

Power outages

Schedule of planned outages and what to do during unplanned outages.

Corporate emergency plans

Check out our corporate and transmission emergency plans.