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Forest fires & evacuation alerts

Our thoughts are with the many people impacted by wildfires in our province.

Public and employee safety are our main priority at this time. We’re working closely with provincial emergency officials to monitor various forest fire situations in B.C. We’re also working with local fire and emergency authorities to ensure public safety, and protect our natural gas and electricity infrastructure.

Preparing your home

Before doing any excavating or trenching on your property to mitigate for fire risk, contact BC One Call to get location details of natural gas lines and other underground utilities. Click or call 1-800-474-6886.

Electricity service outage

After a fire, FortisBC will visually inspect each property for damage to buildings and electrical service before restoring power. Customers from the impacted areas are asked to update our customer service team with their current contact information.

  • If your buildings or other structures are damaged by fire, please note that we require an affidavit signed by a licensed electrician before we can safely restore service to your premises. Please see Technical Safety BC's protocol on service restoration for more information about safely restoring service to your property.
  • We also encourage customers to contact us with any questions or specific concerns about their electric service.
  • Find a licensed contractor in your area. 

Natural gas service outage

Do not shut off your natural gas if you receive an evacuation order. If fire or emergency officials request FortisBC to do so, we will turn off natural gas service as a precautionary measure, or if there is an immediate threat to FortisBC infrastructure. Once fire or emergency officials confirm the situation is safe, there are a number of steps that FortisBC takes to safely restore natural gas service:

  • We will assess the natural gas system in the affected area, repair any damage and reactivate the affected system.
  • FortisBC crews will visit each home to relight all affected appliances and restore gas service at the meter, if required.
  • If you are not at home, a FortisBC technician will leave a door tag that provides contact information. Call 1-877-711-8877 for relights.

When you return home

The decision to lift the evacuation order is made by local fire officials after consultation with other agencies, including FortisBC. Once the order is lifted, customers will be able to return to their homes.

  • If gas has been turned off due to an emergency, FortisBC will first ensure the natural gas system is safe. Once complete, FortisBC crews will visit your home to relight your appliances.
  • If you have concerns with the natural gas systemor if you smell rotten eggs or hear the sound of escaping gas, go outside and call FortisBC's 24-hour Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 or 911.
  • If your gas was turned off; that is, the service valve on your meter is turned to the off position (i.e., crosswise to the pipe), do not turn it on. FortisBC crews will visit your home to restore gas service and relight affected appliances. If you missed the technician, call 1-877-711-8877 for relights. 

Damaged appliances? Call a licensed gas contractor

Don't try to put natural gas appliances back in service yourself. Do not use any gas appliances that have been damaged, until they have been thoroughly inspected by a registered gas contractor.

The contractor will check, repair and pressure test all gas pipes that may have been affected by the forest fire. They will also check that all your gas equipment is safe to operate.

Find a licensed contractor in your area.

Smell gas?

If you smell rotten eggs or hear the sound of escaping gas, go outside and call FortisBC's 24-hour Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 or 911.

Safety videos

Energy is part of our everyday lives. Find out what we do to ensure customer and public safety and how we work with first responders.