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Saving energy at home


Energy-saving tips for home

Find no-cost and low-cost tips on how to save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.


Free energy-saving upgrades

For income-qualified customers, we offer free upgrades that can help you reduce your bills and increase home comfort.


Harness the power and savings of a heat pump

If you heat your home and hot water with electricity, consider the cost-savings and comfort of a heat pump.


Buying a new furnace? Ensure it’s a quality installation

To ensure a safe, permitted, quality installation you need a professional. Watch our video for tips on hiring a contractor and hints to help ensure your new furnace is installed to a quality standard.


Watch our conservation stories

From how-to videos to unique and creative initiatives, our conservation stories will show you how others are saving energy and helping to create healthier communities.


How-to videos

Want to weatherstrip or replace your showerhead but don’t know how? Our videos will show you.


Look who’s saving

Customers like you share stories on how they’re saving energy and money by making their homes more energy efficient.


Home energy calculator

Find out how much it costs to run appliances and heat a house using different energy sources. 


Find a contractor

Always use a licensed and qualified contractor for natural gas and electrical work, insulation upgrades and when installing or servicing heating and cooling systems. Our contractor directory can help you find one in your region.


In the community

We are committed to the communities where we work and live. Learn more about some of our initiatives.