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Steam trap audit and replacement rebates

​It’s estimated that about 20 per cent of the steam leaving the central boiler plant of a typical industrial facility is lost through leaking steam traps (source: US Department of Energy). Losing steam not only affects your production process but can cost you thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.* Our rebates for auditing and replacing failed steam traps can help you improve the efficiency of your industrial steam system and save money.

*Cost of steam calculated based on an industrial boiler efficiency of 85 per cent producing steam at 100 psi pressure and paying an industrial natural gas rate of $5/gigajoule (FortisBC Mainland service area). Cost of steam = ($5/GJ) / (0.95 GJ/MMBtu) / (1E6 Btu/MMBtu) x 1,000 lbs x 1,110 (Btu/lb) / 0.85 = $6.80/1,000 lbs. For more information see the U.S. Department of Energy information sheet “Benchmark the Cost of Steam Generation.”

Eligibility requirements**

  1. You must be a FortisBC natural gas customer under any rate class except Rate 1.
  2. You must be the property owner or long-term leaseholder of an industrial facility.
  3. Your facility must use natural gas as an input to industrial production.***

If you have a project and currently do not meet the Eligibility requirements please contact FortisBC at

**You can find a complete list of eligibility requirements in the terms and conditions.
***Industrial production is a manufacturing or transformative process in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods for the purpose of resale with the use of machines, tools and labour.

Available rebates

​Type ​Rebate ​Description
​Steam trap audit ​50 per cent – up to $10,000 ​for the cost of a qualified third-party contractor to perform the audit
​Steam trap replacement ​$250 per failed steam trap replaced​

 The audit and installed products must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • A steam trap audit must have been completed at the facility to be eligible for steam trap replacement rebates.
  • Replacement of failed-open traps identified during the steam trap audit must be completed within six months of the audit to be eligible for rebates.
  • Only failed-open traps are eligible for rebates; failed-closed traps are not eligible.
  • Repairs are not eligible for this rebate, replacement only.
  • The steam system must be primarily natural gas-fired. Up to a maximum of 25 per cent of the steam system can be multi-fuel or non-natural gas-fired steam. Systems not meeting this criteria may still be eligible, however, are subject to additional analysis, and require pre-approval from FortisBC.

How to apply 

  1. Review the terms and conditions.
  2. Complete a steam trap audit either internally or by using a qualified third-party contractor. Use our steam trap audit template to record results.
  3. Replace failed steam traps at your facility within six months of the audit. Only replacement failed-open steam traps are eligible for rebates. 
  4. Complete the rebate application form. Your rebate application must include a steam trap audit report, a paid steam trap audit invoice (if a third-party contractor performed the audit) and a paid steam trap replacement invoice showing the product type, quantity, make, model number and total installed cost (before taxes).
  5. Email the completed and signed application form and scanned copies of all supporting documentation to
  6. Once approved, you should receive your rebate in six to eight weeks.

Point-of-sale rebates may be available from participating industrial commercial partners. For more information, contact


For more information, contact your key account manager or email