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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to have a two-pipe direct vent system installed?
A two-pipe direct vent system is the most energy-efficient and advanced system in home heating applications. One pipe provides directly vented outside air to the sealed combustion chamber, while the second sealed pipe directs exhaust gases outside. This system improves the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment as well as the comfort of your home.
Why am I required to send a photograph of my new heating system?

We require a photograph so we can verify your contractor has installed the two-pipe direct vent system.

What’s the purpose of the furnace commissioning sheet?

​If having a furnace installed, your contractor must provide you with a completed commissioning sheet. Commissioning means your furnace is verified and adjusted so it performs as per the manufacturer’s requirements and helps ensure it’s installed and operating correctly. The information it contains will also provide valuable information for future maintenance. Therefore, as well as including it with your application, we recommend you make a copy of the furnace commissioning sheet and store it with your new furnace’s manual so your contractor can reference it during annual maintenance.

How many rebates can I apply for under the program?

​This rebate is limited to one per dwelling. In addition, the rebate cannot be combined with other FortisBC furnace or boiler rebates.

What’s classified as an emergency replacement?

​If a contractor deems the furnace or boiler unsafe to operate or not in working order for reasons other than a minor repair, or if the repair costs are estimated to be $1,000 or more before tax (including parts and labour), this is considered an emergency replacement and the furnace replacement is not eligible for a rebate.

Why does processing of applications take up to 90 days?

​Extensive auditing and validation is required to approve payment of each rebate. If we need to ask for resubmission or further supporting documentation, the processing time may be longer than 90 days.

My current heating system is less than 10 years old. Do I qualify for the rebate?

​No. Only furnaces and boilers older than 10 years are eligible for the rebate because the replacement of older furnaces results in the most energy savings.

What’s a Technical Safety BC gas contractor licence number needed for?

​Contractors and companies working with regulated technologies must be licensed by Technical Safety BC or the gas authority in their region. The licence number is provided to you by your gas contractor who completes your installation.

How can I tell if my furnace or boiler needs replacing or repairing?

​It is always best to get a qualified gas contractor licensed by Technical Safety BC to inspect your furnace or boiler. If you need help finding a contractor, our directory can help you find one in your area.

I’m a qualified gas fitter. If I install the system in my own home, will I still get the contractor incentive?

​You won’t qualify for the contractor incentive; however, you’re still eligible for the customer rebate if you provide a copy of the homeowner’s gas permit or certificate of inspection.

What is a permit number needed for?

​Contractors need a permit before they begin installation. The installation permit number is provided to you by your licensed Technical Safety BC gas contractor who completes your installation.

Why are you doing site visits?

​As we work to continuously improve our programs, we will be asking a small percentage of applicants to provide us with access to their home to verify the installation and operation of the new furnace or boiler. This work is being carried out by a third-party contractor called 'Ecolighten Energy Solutions.' Ecolighten staff will always call in advance to book a site visit appointment with you. Their staff also carry photo ID badges identifying them as FortisBC contractors.

Is the program available for new construction?

​No, this program is not available for new construction. If you’re building a new home, you can apply for rebates through the New Home Program.