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Terms and conditions

Eligibility requirements

You may qualify to receive a free Energy Saving Kit (“ESK”) from FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Inc. (collectively, “FortisBC”), and BC Hydro (FortisBC and BC Hydro are the “Utility Partners”) under the ESK Program (the “Program”) if you:

  1. are a residential BC Hydro or City of New Westminster electricity customer OR
  2. are a FortisBC residential electricity customer OR
  3. are a municipal electricity customer of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland or Nelson Hydro AND
  4. have a mailing address within the service areas of any of the electrical utilities listed in the first three bullets above AND
  5. have a combined household income that falls below these maximums: 

Household Income Cut-Off

​Household size ​Maximum household income
​1 person ​$32,900
​2 people ​$41,000
​3 people ​$50,400
​4 people ​$61,200
​5 people ​$69,400
​6 people ​$78,300
​7 or more people ​$87,200
Proof of income may be required. This offer is subject to change.

Applicants who meet these eligibility requirements are “Applicants”.

Program process

  • To apply for an ESK, complete the applicable online application form or contact your electricity provider. 
    • BC Hydro electricity and City of New Westminster residential electricity customers call 1-877-446-8855 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or apply online.
    • FortisBC residential electricity customers and municipal electricity customers of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland, or Nelson Hydro call 1-866-436-7847 Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., apply online or email
  • Neither FortisBC nor BC Hydro are responsible for lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged, illegible or incomplete applications.
  • FortisBC and BC Hydro reserve the right to refuse applications which it determines, in its sole discretion, are incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise do not meet Program requirements.
  • Please allow three to six weeks for delivery.

Representations and warranties

The Applicant represents and warrants as follows:

  • The Applicant has reviewed the above Program eligibility criteria and fully qualifies with same.
  • All information provided in the application materials or otherwise provided to the Utility Partners is true and correct.
  • The Applicant has reviewed these terms and conditions and agrees to comply with same.

Additional terms and conditions

  • The Utility Partners may amend, modify or terminate this Program at any time and for any reason, without notice.
  • The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the Utility Partners have no liability concerning any estimated energy savings in connection with this Program or use of the ESK.
  • The Applicant is solely responsible for meeting all Program requirements and complying with any laws, regulations or by-laws regarding permits, codes, restrictions or inspections.
  • Only one ESK per household.
  • The Applicant acknowledges and agrees the Utility Partners are not the designer or manufacturer of the products available under this Program or contained in the ESK and the Utility Partners make no representations or warranty of any kind concerning such products or their installation.
  • The Applicant irrevocably waives any and all actions, causes of action, claims, suits and demands (whether based in contract, tort, equity or otherwise) that the Applicant has or may in the future have against, and irrevocably releases from liability and agrees not to sue, the Utility Partners or any of their respective affiliates or respective officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors or representatives for any type of loss or damage that the Applicant may suffer including, without limitation, property loss or damage, financial loss or damage, or personal injury that arise or accrue from, as a result of, in relation to, or in connection with the Applicant’s involvement in the Program or receipt or use of the ESK or the products contained therein.
  • For the purposes of this Program and these terms and conditions “Applicant Information” means all information disclosed by the Applicant in any Program application materials, including personal information disclosed by the Applicant. By applying for this Program, the Applicant acknowledges and agrees that:
    • the Applicant Information may be disclosed to each of the Utility Partners, if the Applicant has indicated that their home is serviced by such Utility Partner, and to that Utility Partner’s affiliates and contractors, for the purposes of administering the Program, evaluating the effectiveness of the Program and undertaking analysis and research to inform changes to existing programs and the design of new energy-efficiency programs; and
    • the Utility Partner(s) that service the Applicant’s home (or their authorized agents) may contact the Applicant by phone, email, direct mail or similar method for the purposes of administering, evaluating and researching all elements of the Program.