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Custom energy-efficiency projects for existing buildings

​When saving energy requires a customized approach, our Commercial Custom Design Program for existing buildings can help. The program provides funding for natural gas energy-efficiency projects tailored to your specific building or facility. 

Are you eligible?*

  1. You must be a FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customer.
  2. You must be a customer with medium to large commercial, institutional, multi-unit residential or light industrial buildings or facilities.
  3. Your project must have the potential to save a minimum 1,200 gigajoules of natural gas annually.

*You can find a complete list of requirements in the Participant’s guide.

Program rebates

​The program provides several types of funding to help you identify and then implement cost-effective natural gas energy conservation measures in your building.

Energy study funding is offered to help you have a detailed engineering analysis of your facility conducted to identify opportunities for cost-effective natural gas savings. Maximum funding is 50 per cent of the cost of the energy study, subject to  review and approval, to a maximum of $25,000.

Capital incentive funding is offered to encourage the implementation of cost-effective natural gas energy conservation measures identified in the energy study. The funding available is to offset the cost of implementing the approved energy conservation measures over equivalent yet less efficient alternatives.

Implementation bonus funding is offered to participants who successfully implement the approved energy conservation measures. Maximum funding is equivalent to the energy study funding, to a maximum of $25,000.

Benefits of participating

By participating in the program, you can benefit from:

  • a detailed energy study providing justification to replace old, inefficient systems
  • new, efficient equipment that can reduce operating costs and contribute to your bottom line 
  • increased occupant comfort
  • improved operation of existing energy systems 
  • reduced waste and greenhouse gas emissions
List of approved consultants

To participate in this program, you’re required to work with a consultant from this list of FortisBC-approved consultants.

Updated: February 2018

Please note, the following companies may have multiple locations

​Company ​Location ​Phone
Altum Engineering Ltd. Merville 250-337-5257
AME Consulting Group Vancouver 604-684-5995
Ameresco Canada Inc. Vancouver 778-724-1502
Arborus Consulting ​Ottawa 613-234-7178
Associated Engineering BC Ltd. Vancouver 604-293-1411
Avalon Mechanical Consultants Ltd. Victoria 250-384-4128
BES - Building Energy Solutions Ltd. Vancouver 778-288-9385
C.E.S Analytics Ltd. Coquitlam 604-831-8675
C.E.S Engineering Ltd. Burnaby 604-221-8715
Clean Energy Consulting ​Prince George / Vancouver ​250-564-7910 / 604-301-3060
Clearlead Consulting Limited North Vancouver 604-229-6159
​DIALOG BC ​Vancouver ​604-909-1629
Douglas Spratt & Associates Ltd. North Vancouver 604-990-0083
E-Factor Engineering Inc. Vancouver 604-708-4140
Enerficiency Consulting Gibsons 604-243-9458
Enersolv Design Build Ltd. Vancouver 604-684-7244
​Fisher Resource Efficiency Solution Company Ltd. ​Victoria ​778-783-0315
​Flow Consulting Group Inc. ​Vancouver ​604-609-0500
FWD Systems Design Ltd. North Vancouver 604-904-2039
Geoclima Mechanical Engineering Ltd. ​Burnaby ​604-375-9756
HiH Energy ​Vancouver 778-233-7978
​H.H. Angus & Associates Ltd. ​Toronto ​416-443-8336
IB Consulting Ltd. North Vancouver 778-233-0679
Integral Group Consulting LLP Vancouver 604-687-1800
​Interior Mechanical Consultants ​Kelowna ​250-801-2526
J.M. Bean & Co. Ltd. Vancouver 604-736-6724
Kane Consulting Partnership North Vancouver 604-924-0094
​Laporte Engineering Inc. ​Vancouver ​604-568-0180
Levelton Consultants Ltd. ​Richmond ​250-475-1000
Light House Sustainability Building Centre Vancouver 604-677-3619
McCuaig & Associates Engineering Ltd. ​Vancouver ​604-255-0992
MCW Consulting Ltd. ​Vancouver ​604-687-1821
Morrison Hershfield Ltd. Burnaby 604-454-9305
Panevo Services Ltd. ​Vancouver ​604-652-4680
Prism Engineering Ltd. Burnaby 604-205-5500
RDH Building Engineering Ltd. Vancouver 604-802-5205
REDE Energy Solutions Ltd. Bowen Island 778-237-6851
Ripple Rock Engineering Ltd. Victoria 250-721-5586
Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. Nanaimo 250-585-0222
SES Consulting Inc. Vancouver 604-568-1800
Stantec Consulting Ltd. Vancouver 604-696-8390
Trane Canada ULC Vancouver 604-945-2445
Willis Energy Services Vancouver 604-685-2206
WSP Canada Inc. ​North Vancouver ​604-973-0037

How to apply

  1. Review the ‘Custom design for existing buildings’ Participant’s guide and Energy Study guide.
  2. Contact your account manager to get started. You'll be required to complete a Thermal Energy Services Provider Declaration Form as part of the application process.

Please note: you must receive written approval from an authorized FortisBC Commercial Custom Design Program representative before commissioning or beginning the energy study, or purchasing or installing any of the proposed energy conservation measures. If you do not meet this requirement, you may not be eligible to participate in the full Custom Design Program. Contact your FortisBC account manager for details.


For more information, contact your key account manager or email