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Renewable Natural Gas

Sustainable, locally-produced energy

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a locally produced, carbon neutral energy source. When bacteria breaks down organic waste from sources - primarily farms, landfills and wastewater treatment facilities - biogas is created. The gas is captured, purified, leaving only methane and injected into natural gas distribution pipelines and delivered to homes, businesses, transportation fleets, and industry. Because RNG is interchangeable with conventional natural gas, customers don't need to upgrade furnaces, water heaters and other equipment to use it.

Join us, and stop waste from going to waste.

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For as little as a few dollars a month, you can be assured a portion of the natural gas you use supports the growth of renewable energy in BC.

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Give your customers a good reason to come back again and again. By signing up your business for Renewable Natural Gas, you’ll be a Green Leader.

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Use our calculator to see the estimated annual premium and greenhouse gas reduction benefit of signing up for Renewable Natural Gas.   


​Certified carbon neutral

FortisBC’s Renewable Natural Gas has been designated as carbon neutral in BC by Offsetters.