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Vancouver Island rates

Includes Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

As of January 1, 2018, the majority of our customers will see an overall decrease to their natural gas bill. FortisBC is a utility regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) and all rate changes must be approved by the BCUC.

Residential customers on Vancouver Island will see a substantial overall annual decrease of approximately 15 per cent or $85.  This overall change is a result of a decrease to the cost of gas, decrease to the storage and transport rate and a decrease to the delivery rate due to the transition from the last year of common rates being phased in across the province.

Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast service area rates
(Effective January 1, 2018)
Basic per day charge $0.389
​Delivery charge per GJ ​$4.355
Storage and transport per GJ $0.758
Cost of gas per GJ​ $1.549
Example: how to calculate a monthly bill
Average monthly consumption1 8 GJ
Basic charge2 $12.06
Delivery charge ​$34.84
Storage and transport charge $6.06
​Cost of gas ​$12.39
Total monthly bill3 $65.35

1Please note this is an example of a bill and your consumption may vary from this average.

2Based on a 31 day month.

3Does not include applicable taxes or franchise fees.


 What are the different charges on my bill?

Basic charge

​This is a flat daily fee that partially recovers the fixed costs of our system, whether or not you are using any natural gas but are connected to the system.

Delivery charge

​Based on consumption, this charge pays for the cost of delivering gas through our system to your home or business. This helps cover the costs of maintaining our natural gas distribution system, make a modest profit and invest in our business and improvements to meet customers’ needs. Delivery charges are reviewed by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) annually.

Storage and transport

​Storage and transport charges reflect the prices we pay to other companies to store and transport gas through their pipelines and infrastructure. We do not mark up these costs, and they are reviewed by the BCUC annually.

Cost of gas

​The cost of gas is the market price of natural gas itself. We don’t mark up the cost of gas – you pay what we pay. Natural gas is currently at some of its lowest commodity rates in the last 10 years. We review the cost of natural gas every three months with the BCUC.

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