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Who are gas marketers?

Gas marketers are licensed independent gas retailers that are separate from FortisBC. Although the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) oversees their activities, it does not regulate the prices they offer. Gas marketers are free to offer different prices and terms to each customer.

The Customer Choice program offers customers the opportunity to decide whether a fixed rate is right for them and if so, which gas marketer’s offer best suits their needs.

Gas marketers licensed in BC

The following companies are licensed to market natural gas to residential and/or commercial customers in British Columbia. Click on the company name to access their website. 

Company Phone Residential Commercial
Access Gas Services Inc. 877-519-0862
Altagas Ltd. 888-890-2715
Bluestream Energy 778-340-1580 •​
Direct Energy 855-227-9458  •
Just Energy 866-587-8674
Planet Energy ​866-360-8569 •​ •​
Summitt Energy BC LP 877-222-9520

When a gas marketer knocks on your door

All gas marketers participating in Customer Choice in BC must:

  • be qualified, approved and licensed by the BCUC
  • adhere to the BCUC's Rules for Gas Marketers and Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers, both of which can be reviewed on the BCUC website under Commission Orders. 

Tips and questions to ask a gas marketer