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Understanding your agreement

​The following information highlights key aspects of the Consumer Agreement, as well as what avenues are open to you should an issue arise during the course of your contract with a gas marketer. It is important to understand this information prior to signing a Consumer Agreement.

Our Frequently asked questions offer additional information you may find helpful when deciding whether to sign with a gas marketer or stay with FortisBC.

Cancellation options

The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) mandates a 10-day cancellation period during which you can cancel your agreement. This means that if you sign with a gas marketer and then later change your mind, you can cancel without penalty. Commercial customers have the option to waive the 10-day cancellation period.

After signing an agreement, you will receive a confirmation letter from FortisBC summarizing the agreement entered into with the gas marketer. This letter also identifies the deadline date for contacting your marketer to cancel your agreement without penalty. This 10-day cancellation period begins 10 calendar days from the date FortisBC receives the enrolment request from the gas marketer, which generally coincides with the date of your confirmation letter. FortisBC is not responsible for postal delays so if you think you should have received a confirmation letter or have questions about your agreement, contact your gas marketer.

End of your agreement

Your gas marketer will contact you three (3) months prior to the expiry date for your contract. At this time you can either:

  • re-negotiate the contract,
  • negotiate a new contract with a different marketer, or
  • do nothing and return to FortisBC upon contract expiry.

If you choose to do nothing, your contract will expire and you will automatically return to FortisBC’s variable rate. Once this happens, you can choose to negotiate a new contract with a gas marketer at any time.

Complaints and contract disputes

If you have a concern, you should first attempt to resolve it by contacting your gas marketer directly. If your concern remains unresolved you can log a dispute with the BCUC through FortisBC.