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WINS frequently asked questions

​The following questions are regarding FortisBC’s Web Information & Nomination System, or WINS and our transportation services offering.

WINS is an interface that allows users to enter nominations and schedule natural gas receipts for all areas of British Columbia including the Lower Mainland, Interior, Columbia and Vancouver Island. WINS provides the user with the ability to generate and view billing reports, inventory reports and daily consumption reports to effectively manage the gas supply needs of customer.

Please contact if you have a question that is not covered in this list.



How do I view my nominations for a particular gas day?

​In order to view nominations for a particular gas day, go to the Nominations tab. In the Gas Day field, you can manually amend the date or click on the calendar icon to select the date required. Click on the Search button to retrieve the date to view the nominations.

How do I enter in a new nomination?

​In the nominations screen select the date on which you want to create the new nomination. Click on the New button. Select a date or date range, as well as Group, Location, Reference and nominated quantity and click Submit. Your new nomination will be displayed and highlighted in green.

How do I amend an existing nomination?

​Select an existing nomination you wish to amend, click the Copy button, amend the desired fields and click Submit. The updated nomination will be displayed and highlighted in green.

How do I copy an entire gas day?

​In the nominations screen, select the gas day you would like nominations to be copied to. Click the Copy Gas Day button and select the gas day you would like to copy from. Click the Copy button and all of the nominations from the date selected will be copied to the new gas day with a status of NEW. Amend the copied nominations as required and hit submit.

Note: The Copy Gas Day feature only works for previous gas days, not future ones.

How do I enter a nomination for a single day versus the entire month?

​Contrary to Spectra’s nomination system where a single gas day has a start and end date over two days, in WINS, a nomination for a single day has a start and end date with the same day.

Example: A nomination for March 1 – the start date and end date would be March 1 to March 1. A nomination for the entire month of March would have a start and end date of March 1 and March 31.

What are the cycles in the gas day and their corresponding nomination deadlines?

​There are five gas cycles in the gas day; each has a corresponding deadline. They are as follows:

Timely Submission Deadline 11:00 PST (day out)
Evening Submission Deadline 16:00 PST (day out)
Intra-day 1 Submission Deadline 08:00 PST (day of)
Intra-day 2 Submission Deadline 12:30 PST (day of)
​Intra-day 3 ​Submission Deadline 17:00 PST (day of)
What is the timing of a “gas day”?

​A Gas Day is 24 hours from 7:00 to 7:00 (PST).

I have attempted to submit a nomination but I don’t see it in the system, what do I do?

​Call the Transportation Services hotline at 604-592-7788 or email and report the problem.

Can I use the WINS system on my mobile device?

​A basic version of WINS can be used on your mobile device. The basic version allows the user to view and enter in nominations. Due to the limitations of the size of the screen, viewing reports is not currently an option.

To access the mobile version, use your browser to the login page and click on the Mobile WINS link at the top right hand corner. Use the same login and user name information as you would on your regular computer.

What is the best browser to use for the WINS application?

​WINS is supported under Internet Explorer. WINS may work under another browser such as Firefox or Safari for example, but Fortis is not supporting the application under any browser other than Internet Explorer.



What format is the Burn, Inventory and Billing reports available in?

​In WINS, the Burn reports are available in an XLSX format. Inventory and Billing reports are available in a PDF and CSV format

Explain how measurement data is displayed in the Burn reports. How do I know my groups are 100% billable?

​The Burn reports in WINS contain daily measurement quantities for each customer in the group. Measurement data can be displayed in the following status: Non-metered – estimates (coded in red), Metered reads – non billable (coded in blue) and Metered – billable (coded in green). When measurement data is displayed as an estimate, it is an indication that there might be a problem with the customer’s automatic meter reader (AMR) or possibly is a disconnected phone line. Measurement data that is displayed as metered – non billable means the AMR is calling in with data every day, however it has not yet been finalized or approved by Fortis’ measurement group. When measurement data is coded in green, this indicates the measurement has a metered – billable status. This indicates that the measurement data is approved and finalized, which is done as part of the month end process.

You will know when the data is 100% billable when the entire group is colour coded green and the percentage metered-billable status is 100%.

On the burn report, yesterday’s gas day is always an estimate. Why is this?

​At the time the data is gathered in the system the gas day is not complete, therefore the previous gas day will always an estimate. The estimate is based on consumption 7 days prior.

How often are reports refreshed in WINS?

​The Burn, Billing and Inventory reports are updated daily by 6am. Unless system problems occur, data should be updated daily for each customer in WINS.

There is a column called “Total Calculated Receipts” in my Inventory Report. What are those quantities?

​To determine what the Total Calculated Receipts are, see the corresponding Billing Report for the month in question. The quantities could be Backstopping, Daily or Monthly Balancing Gas sold, Daily Balancing Premium Surcharges, UOR under 5% or UOR over 5%. All data displayed in WINS is in gigajoules (GJs)

What is a Prior Period Adjustment and how often do these events occur?

​A Prior Period Adjustment can occur after a month has been closed for billing. Adjustments can be incurred due to a late customer move out, a problem with the registering meter, or corrected consumption after the fact.


 User Administration

How do I change my password?

​Log into WINS and at the top right corner click on the Change Password link. Follow the directions to update your password.

What are the password requirements?

​The following rules will be applied when creating a communication network access password or application password:

  • Password history – the previous 3 passwords cannot be reused
  • Maximum password age – passwords must be changed every 90 days
  • Minimum password age - new passwords must be used for a minimum of 14 days. This rule prevents the quick cycling through 3 new passwords so that a favorite old password can be reused
  • Password length – passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long
  • Password complexity – passwords must contain any 3 of the following 4 types of characters:
    • must contain one upper case letter (A-Z)
    • must contain one lower case letter (a-z)
    • must contain one number (0-9)
    • must contain one punctuation or special characters

The balance of the password can contain the user’s choice of characters.

I forgot my password. How do I get it reset?

​If you need to have your password reset you will need to contact your User Administrator within your organization. They will reset your password for you.

I failed to login successfully five times in a row. Now I’m locked out. What do I do?

​Contact your User Administrator within your organization to have your account unlocked. If you have forgotten your password as well, they can provide you with a new one.


 Contact Information

I have a question about my Fortis bill, who do I call?

​Contact Industrial Billing at 855-873-8773 or email

I have questions about the transportation services model in Fortis, who can I call for more information?

​Contact the Transportation Services hotline at 604-592-7788 or email

I have questions about rate schedules or tariffs for transport customers, where can I find more information?

​See our website for more information.

You can also find useful information on the Transport Marketers Activities web site, under the Tariff tips section.

Who are the marketers that participate in FortisBC’s transportation services program?

​See the Transportation Marketers list on the contact list located in the right hand side on the Transport Marketers Activities web site.