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Transportation service

Available only to large volume commercial and industrial customers
- Rates 3, 5 and 7

The transportation services option gives you complete control over your natural gas purchase. You are able to fully negotiate the terms and conditions of your gas supply contract with a gas marketer.

Transportation services explained

You may have a gas marketer purchase the natural gas commodity on your behalf. Then, use FortisBC to just transport the gas to you.

The gas marketer arranges to deliver the natural gas to us, and from there, we move the gas through our distribution system to your business.

List of marketers offering transportation services

The transportation services option is available to the following rate classes:

  • Schedule 3 - mid-size commercial customers using more than 2,000 gigajoules per year
  • Schedule 5 - large commercial customers, typically using more than 6,000 gigajoules per year
  • Schedule 7 - interruptible service for large commercial and industrial customers who can switch to another fuel during periods of peak demand for natural gas

Two separate bills

With the transportation option, you'll receive two monthly bills:

  1. a bill from FortisBC for delivering the gas to your business, and
  2. a bill from your gas marketer for your natural gas supply.

To record daily gas usage and ensure the accuracy of billing information, we require customers to:

  • provide an analogue telephone line that ends at the gas meter
  • have an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) installed (installation fee may apply), and
  • pay a monthly administration fee

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