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Liquefied natural gas

Go the distance with liquefied natural gas

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that’s been cooled to a low temperature of -162 °C to become a liquid. From our LNG storage facilities, LNG is delivered by tank truck to either a permanent LNG dispensing station or mobile fuelling station on a customer’s property or a commercial fuelling station along a regional corridor.1

LNG fuelling process

Vehicles using LNG require fewer or smaller onboard storage tanks to travel the same range as a CNG fuelled vehicle. An LNG tank holds 2.5 times more fuel than a similar sized CNG tank, so LNG is the best choice when maximum weight and extended driving range are required.

Types of LNG vehicles

  • class 8 long-haul tractors
  • marine vessels such as coastal ferries
  • heavy-duty mine haul trucks
  • locomotives

Learn more about our Mt. Hayes LNG storage facility and Tilbury LNG plant.

1LNG delivery is an optional service that FortisBC can provide to you at a regulated rate.

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​Our financial incentives can help you convert your fleet to natural gas.