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Meter exchanges

We work hard to make sure that your gas meter operates as accurately as possible. Our meter exchange program means that every few years, under Industry Canada guidelines, we exchange and test a range of meters for their continued accuracy.

Arranging a meter exchange

When we exchange your meter, we need to shut off your gas and enter your home or business to relight your gas equipment. Our meter exchange department will try to contact you first to arrange a convenient time.

FortisBC is accredited as a Meter Service Organization. This recognized status is based on federal government approval of our quality assurance programs. We are also ISO 9002 certified, which means we meet international standards for quality control.

Time and cost

Exchanging your meter takes about 30-45 minutes from start to finish.

There is no cost to you. This work is part of our routine maintenance program.

The Fortisbc technician will:

  • Take the last reading on the meter
  • Shut off the gas
  • Remove the meter
  • Put the new meter on
  • Take the new reading
  • Turn the gas back on
  • Come inside and relight your equipment

Be sure it's FortisBC

We care about your personal safety and want you to feel comfortable before letting us into your home or business. All FortisBC employees carry photo identification. If someone approaches you claiming to work for FortisBC, ask to see identification.

Most FortisBC employees working outside the office wear uniforms with the company logo or drive vehicles marked with the company name and logo.

If you are suspicious for any reason, call us at 1-888-593-8772 to verify that a FortisBC service technician has been working in your area. If you suspect someone is impersonating a utility employee, you should call your local police.

To book an appointment?

Please call 1-888-593-8772

For more details on Meter Approvals in Canada, please visit Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada.