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You can provide your potential homebuyers with the appeal of quick, convenient and versatile natural gas — simply by pre-piping.

While buyers appreciate hard working hot water tanks and furnaces, they’re especially drawn to the upscale convenience of gas dryers, barbecues, hot tub heaters, fireplaces and ranges.

Inexpensive and simple

Since gas piping runs inside the walls and out of sight, pre-piping before the walls are finished can be inexpensive and simple. With piping in place, natural gas appliance installations you or the homeowner make will be a breeze.

Flexible piping works in odd spots

If areas in the home you are building are hard to reach with conventional rigid iron pipe, flexible piping is a natural solution.

Flexible corrugated steel tubing can be bent around obstructions in the walls as easily as electrical wiring. As with any piping though, ensure it is installed to code.

Where can you pre-pipe?

Anywhere. Any room where a gas appliance might logically go.

In almost every application, natural gas appliances offer all the features of their electrical counterparts and more. The popularity of natural gas ranges, cooktops and fireplaces make kitchens and living rooms the obvious areas to pre-pipe.

But what about the laundry room? Or the garage? Natural gas dryers are easier on clothes. And natural gas room heaters are the perfect way to warm hard to heat spaces.

There’s a range of natural gas appliances designed for maximum comfort and energy efficiency, while adding a tasteful, modern ambience to any decor.

Don’t forget the patio

Pre-piping to the patio allows your homebuyers to easily install the natural gas barbecue of their dreams.

And to extend those chilly late summer and fall evenings, they’ll also be able to add a portable natural gas patio heater or patio fireplace.

With quick-connect technology, operating natural gas appliances outside is as easy as plugging a flexible hose into an outlet box.

Plug in to quick-connect technology

Quick-connect technology is primarily used for gas barbecues and patio heaters.

By installing gas convenience connectors or quick-connect outlet boxes, you provide an easy and safe way for appliances to connect and disconnect to the home’s natural gas supply.

When the appliance is unplugged a built in device automatically shuts off the gas. Since the connection hose is flexible — and normally three to four metres long — the homeowner can easily move their barbecue or heater almost anywhere on their deck or patio.

It’s becoming standard practice for developers to pre-install one or more quick-connect outlets for outdoor applications. Look for products certified to the new convenience outlet standard CSA 6.24-2001.

Innovative and cost effective natural gas solutions, such as pre-piping, offer purchasers another good reason to buy a home in your development.


Let us show you how we can help build the attraction of natural gas into your next development. Contact an account manager or representative in your region.