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Individual Metering

Individual metering gives homebuyers another good reason to purchase a new home in your project. And with our financial incentives for piping to suites, building with natural gas is even easier.

Individual metering

Today’s homebuyers love the comfort, convenience and value of natural gas appliances. With individual metering for multi-family developments, they won’t have to subsidize the natural gas use of their neighbours.

As well, knowing their actual usage often leads to lower consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Save on installation costs

FortisBC supplies and installs everything up to and including the gas meters. We work closely with your design team to find strategic meter locations and minimize piping runs to suites. Depending on how many gas features your development has, we can usually deliver your custom metering solution for no additional cost over a standard installation.*

Save space

Whether your solution includes meter closets, meter compartments or a combination of both, meter space requirements are kept to a minimum.

Piping to suites

Depending on how many gas features your development includes, FortisBC can own the portion of the piping that runs between the meter and the exterior of each suite.* The more natural gas appliances included, the better the financial benefit.

An individual metering solution with piping to suites

*Every project is required to pass a BC Utilities Commission approved economic test to ensure our construction costs are recovered through revenue. Shortfalls become part of the service installation charges as per the terms of our operating tariff.

Case studies: helping multi-family developments stand out

Vancouver Island apartments
A Nanaimo property owner chose natural gas appliances when building a fourplex of rental suites and gained the benefits of individual metering, cost savings and tenant satisfaction. Learn more.
Water's Edge
A 64 suite multi-family residential development in Kelowna, Water’s Edge provides the affordable luxury of natural gas appliances and space and water heating. With individual metering from FortisBC, homeowners only pay for the energy they use. Learn more.

Lakeview Terrace
Lakeview Terrace in Penticton features the comfort of natural gas water heaters, in-floor radiant heating, and fireplaces in its 40 suites. Individual metering ensures that each homeowner only pays for their own energy use. Learn more.

We’re here to help

Get us involved early and we’ll show you how individual metering and piping to suites could benefit your project. For more details, contact a FortisBC energy solutions manager near you.


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​Financial incentives are available for piping to suites. Contact a FortisBC energy solutions manager near you.

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