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Builder services

Contact an energy solutions manager

Let us show you how we can help build the attraction of natural gas into your next development. Contact an account manager or representative in your region.

Order construction services

New construction and major renovation projects need upfront planning to make the jobs run smoothly.  Planning your new gas service, alternation or conversion is part of that process.

Service removal / building demolition

Upfront planning for the removal of natural gas service helps construction and major renovation projects run smoothly.
FortisBC helps make building easy
  • Installation costs are low. FortisBC provides free estimates.
  • Appliances require a 110V AC electrical supply instead of the usual 220.
  • During construction or building, you can tie into the buildings' gas systems. Quick connections and 50-foot hoses make placing construction heaters a simple task.

Co-marketing order form

Order signage, display boards and billboards to highlight the benefits of natural gas appliances and energy efficiency in your development.