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Transmission services

​FortisBC transmission system

FortisBC’s transmission system consists of:

  • Approximately 1,500 km of lines comprised of:
    • 760 km of 63 kV lines
    • 220 km 132/138 kV lines
    • 270 km of 161/170 kV lines
    • 200 km of 230 kV lines

View a map of FortisBC’s transmission infrastructure and service territory.

Applying for transmission, large commercial, or generation service

Please refer to the FortisBC Facility Connection Requirements. 

To initiate an interconnection request, please complete all of the following:

  1. Initiate a request for electricity service via FortisBC Electricity Customer Service (1-866-436-7847,, or with the online form.
  2. Submit the completed interconnection request form.

For your information

Transmission system – existing users

​Customer ​POR
(Point of Receipt)
(Point of Delivery)
​Customer A KRA Substation (Celgar Mill) Kootenay Interconnection 52 MW
Customer B City of Nelson Kootenay Interconnection 4 MW
Customer C Okanagan Interconnection Duck Lake 31 MVA
​Customer D Tolko Mill Okanagan Interconnection 7 MW