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Net metering program

About net metering

The BC Utilities Commission approved FortisBC’s net metering tariff application in September 2009, allowing residential and commercial customers enrolled in the Net Metering Program to be credited for electricity they produce.

FortisBC has defined net metering as the metering and billing practice that allows for the flow of electricity both to and from a customer through a bidirectional meter. The program allows residential and commercial customers to offset part or all of their own annual requirements for electricity through generating their own clean energy. FortisBC will credit customers for net energy they produce at their existing retail rate, however the program is not intended for customers who generate electricity in excess of their annual requirements.

Note that we will be updating our program in 2018 which will make billing simpler, clarify the program criteria and make it more consistent with similar programs across North America.

If you need more information please:
Write: FortisBC Net Metering, 1290 Esplanade, Trail BC V1R 4L4
Phone: 1-866-436-7847

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