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Understanding your bill

Your bill has an easy-to-follow format that lists each charge separately.







​Item Description​

1. Billing Date

​This is the date your bill was issued.Transactions after this date will appear on your next bill.

2. Billing Period

​The period of time in which charges were billed to your account.
3. Balance Outstanding ​This section shows the amount owing from your previous bill and any payments or adjustments since your last bill was issued.
​4. Current Electric Charges ​This section gives you an itemized list of your current charges based on FortisBC’s electrical tariff.​
​​5. ​Total New Charges ​This is the amount of new charges for the current billing period. It does not include any balance outstanding on your account.
6. ​Amount/Payment Due ​This is the balance outstanding on your account from your last bill plus new charges. If your account is set up on a monthly payment plan, this is the payment amount required.
7. ​FortisBC Contact Information​ Easy ways you can contact us for more information on your bill, energy efficiency, safety awareness, and more.​
​​8. Due Date Your bill payment is due on this date.
​9. Meter Reading Information This section contains your current meter reading and the previous reading used to calculate your bill. It also indicates if these readings were actual or estimated.​
10. ​Average kWh Usage/Day Shows you how much energy you were billed on an average daily basis during this billing period. If available, it will also provide a comparison to your billing at the same time the previous year.

Note: The average kWh Usage/Day amount you see on your bill is based on an approximation and is not used for billing purposes.
​11. Bill Messages

Important information from FortisBC.

​12. Bright Ideas ​Easy and affordable tips on how you can get the most out of your energy dollar.
​13. Billing days ​The amount of days you are being billed for.