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Winter electricity bills

​This past winter season, many parts of our electricity service territory experienced extremely low temperatures – some areas were the coldest in 17 years. With colder weather, energy use was higher than usual, which was reflected on customer bills.

Your energy use increases in winter over summer by1

Recently, we had customers with lots of questions about their electricity winter bills and rates.

Amy and Carol took to Twitter to answer questions that customer sent in, check them out:


 Why is my electricity bill so high?




 Why do bills go up higher in the winter?




 Are Advanced Meters the reason for high bills?




 What can I do to reduce my energy costs?




 Why is there a two-tier electricity rate?




 What should I do if I’m on a fixed income?




 Why are electricity rates so expensive?




 Does FortisBC offer a winter payment plan?



See more customer questions on our Youtube channel.

One of the best ways to reduce energy use in your home is to understand how it is being used. This image shows the average consumption in a single family home.

Average energy use in a home2

Average monthly electricity costs for a typical BC Interior household3

We understand that receiving higher than expected bills can be challenging, and we want customers to know that we’re here to help. We work with customers year-round to determine reasons for higher than expected bills and try to find solutions that may include payment arrangements. For example, switching to monthly billing or signing up for our Equal Payment Plan that offers fixed monthly payments to avoid seasonal fluctuations.

We also offer free conservation programs for income-qualified customers and incentives for those wanting to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. Learn more about these programs.

Customers who wish to discuss their bills or how to save energy can call our customer service team.