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New & ongoing projects

Proposed & ongoing projects

We have a project-focused website

Our website is an interactive forum where you can learn about our major projects in BC. We’ll post project updates, event notices and stories about the people behind our projects. Check it out, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest project news.

Safety is always our top priority

When it comes to natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines, FortisBC has an excellent safety record.

Our very thorough on-going maintenance program and long-term planning efforts, allow us to anticipate and prepare for increased customer demand, new technologies, and pipeline upgrades.

When planning our maintenance and upgrade projects, we are careful to ensure that disruptions to local communities are kept to a minimum.

Current projects

  • Eagle Mountain - Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project
    Currently undergoing environmental assessment, this project would expand the existing natural gas pipeline that runs between Coquitlam and Woodfibre, near Squamish.
  • FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades
    Construction has begun to replace about 20 kilometres of natural gas line that runs between our Coquitlam Station and our station at East 2nd Avenue and Woodland Drive in Vancouver. This work will make sure our customers continue receiving the reliable natural gas they count on in their homes and businesses every day.
  • Tilbury Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Expansion
    FortisBC is expanding our Tilbury liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility in Delta, B.C., to meet the projected long-term growth for LNG as a cleaner transportation fuel.
  • Inland Gas Upgrades
    We’re seeking approval to upgrade 29 natural gas lines in communities across BC. This is a substantial investment into our system that will enable us to continue providing the reliable service our customers can count on now and well in to the future.
  • Buying liquefied natural gas (LNG)
    We are requesting expressions of interest to dispense LNG under rate schedule 46. If you’ve applied for an incentive, we encourage you to submit an EOI for LNG supply.

Jobs and procurement opportunities

FortisBC wants to maximize the benefit of our projects in the community. Opportunities to create local jobs, Indigenous communities opportunities and other local economic benefits always shape our approach to our projects.

If you’re interested in providing goods or services for any of our current projects, or for future opportunities, please complete the Contractors and Vendors form.


To serve a continually growing number of customers, we must ensure that we have the necessary resources in place for our natural gas transmission and distribution systems. We also need to ensure that the appropriate services are in place to meet our customers’ needs.