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Electricity resource planning

We’re planning for the future energy and capacity needs of our electricity customers through the development of our Long Term Electricity Resource Plan (LTERP). This plan ensures we continue providing safe, reliable and cost effective supply to customers for years to come.

We submitted this plan to the BC Utilities Commission on November 30, 2016.

We continuously monitor trends in energy policy, customer demand, developing technologies and other factors to create strategies that meet the energy and capacity needs of our customers.

Our long term resource planning involves looking ahead 20 years to identify energy efficiency opportunities, energy supply requirements and infrastructure needs. Technology advancements, renewable energy options and growth in distributed generation are changing the way customers use energy. These and other issues will be explored through our long term resource planning process.

The outcome of the planning process is an action plan of activities that will allow us to continue to meet the energy and capacity needs of our customers and stakeholders over the longer term.

Stakeholder consultation

Connecting with our customers, communities and stakeholders on long term planning issues is important to us. We’re planning a variety of initiatives for stakeholder input on the Long Term Electricity Resource Plan, including:

Long term electricity resource planning process

Background: 2012 Long Term Electricity Resource Plan

Our 2012 Long Term Resource Plan was filed on June 30, 2011, as part of our 2012 – 2013 Revenue Requirements Application and 2012 Long Term Integrated System Plan. The plan provided information and analyses on our forecasted energy and capacity requirements, resource adequacy and strategy to close any forecasted energy and capacity gaps.

For more information on our LTERP, please email