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About natural gas

​Consider the benefits

A good choice for space and water heating, natural gas offers convenience, comfort and affordability.

Natural gas is affordable

Heating your home and water consumes a whopping 78 per cent of the total energy used in your home.* But with natural gas space heating equipment up to 98 per cent efficient, you’ll see standout savings when you compare natural gas to other types of fuels or energy choices. 

Natural gas is comfortable

Natural gas heating - by a central furnace or boiler, a fireplace or a space heater - gives homes an even warmth and comfort that electric heat can't match. Precise temperature control and zoned heating options make natural gas an energy efficient choice that's preferred by homeowners. 

In the kitchen, a natural gas cook-top gives you infinite temperature settings and instant flame control so you can sauté, simmer and sizzle like a professional chef and other natural gas appliances enhance your comfortable lifestyle.

Natural gas is versatile

Use natural gas to heat your home and your water, dry your clothes, cook your food, and to to create cosy fireplace ambience. You can also use natural gas outdoors – for lighting, to barbecue and to heat your hot tub or swimming pool.


Natural gas is safe and reliable

It has an excellent safety record, and we're always ready to respond if you think you have a gas emergency.

Natural gas is piped directly into your home with virtually no interruptions to supply. It's always there when you need it and you never have to worry about running out of fuel or arranging for deliveries




* Source: Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency, Comprehensive Energy Use Database, residential sector, BC, Table 2: Secondary Energy Use, 2011.