Manage your energy use

What uses more energy? Turning on a light or taking a long shower? The answer might surprise you when you see the variety of ways energy is used in your home. 


2Source: Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency, Comprehensive Energy Use Database, residential sector, BC, Table 2: Secondary Energy Use, 2016

About 25 per cent of a home’s total energy use (this could include electricity, gas, solar, wood, etc.) goes towards heating water. Using less hot water can save you energy and help conserve your community’s water resources, which can be limited in the hotter months.

No- and low-cost ways to reduce water use

  • Laundry – wash in cold water.
  • Install a water-efficient showerhead – a family of four could save $40 per year* by switching to an efficient model.
  • Let dirty dishes pile up – run your dishwasher only when it's full. If hand-washing, rinse dishes in cold water. Or, use a basin of cold water instead of running the tap.
  • Fix leaky faucets – a hot water tap, dripping every second, wastes 720 litres of water per month, about 14 hot baths worth.** A drip can usually be repaired by replacing the faucet’s washer.

Find more energy-saving tips

*By switching from a 9.5 LPM showerhead to a water-efficient 6.5 LPM model, a family of four each taking one five-minute daily shower would save 1,800 litres of water per month, 65 per cent of which is hot, equaling 5.4 gigajoules of natural gas per year. Savings of $40 is based on $7.35 per gigajoule April 2019 FortisBC natural gas residential rate.
**Based on the assumption of 3,600 drips/hour, 4,000 drips=1 litre, and 45L per bath. 

Keep electricity costs on budget

Electricity use can spike in the summer, so try our energy-saving cooling tips to help you save on costs.

Save more with rebates

If it’s time to upgrade your space and/or water heating equipment to high-efficiency, or increase the insulation in your attic, crawlspace or walls, we’ve got rebates on high-efficiency equipment and products to help make the upgrades more affordable. Plus, we also offer rebate programs for income-qualified customers

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