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Home renovations

Your home renovation can be a little easier with our rebates on a variety of high-efficiency upgrades. Not only will you reduce your ongoing energy costs, you’ll also improve the comfort of your home.
Plus, when you hire a program-qualified Energy Advisor to perform an EnerGuide®1 pre- and post-upgrade home evaluation, you could qualify for additional rebates of up to $1,400.​

Are you eligible?*

  1. You must be either:
    1. a residential FortisBC natural gas and/or BC Hydro customer
    2. a residential FortisBC or municipal** electricity customer
  2. The home must have a minimum of 12 months utility billing history prior to making any upgrades.
  3. The home must be a single-family, duplex, row home, townhome or mobile home on a permanent foundation.
*You can find a complete list of requirements under the terms and conditions.
**Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland or Nelson Hydro

Available rebates 

Choose from a variety of individual upgrades.
​Upgrades ​Description ​Rebate
​Attic – flat and cathedral ceiling
Exterior wall cavities or sheathing
Basement or crawlspace walls

Other - exposed floor, floor over crawlspace, basement header
​Up to $600

Up to $1,200

Up to $1,000

Up to $450
​Space heating
​Variable speed mini-split air source heat pump (ductless heat pump)
Note: only for electrically heated homes.

FortisBC eligible EnerChoice® fireplace
​Water heating
​ENERGY STAR natural gas water heaters 
​Up to $1,000
See terms and conditions for eligibility requirements. 

How to apply

For tips on applying for your rebate, watch our video.

  1. Review the terms and conditions.
  2. Decide what eligible upgrades are best suited for your home and budget with help from your program-qualified Energy Advisor and/or contractor.
  3. Complete the application and include a copy of your invoice(s) showing details of all work performed, including the purchase date, make, model and installation permit numbers (if applicable).
    • If you’re the registered property owner:
    • If you’re the registered property owner but are not the utility account holder:
  4. Send completed application and supporting documentation to:
    Home Renovation Rebate
    PO Box 9030, Station X
    Surrey, BC, V3T 5W3

Supporting documents to include

Please include clear, legible copies of invoices and receipts with your application. In general, they must include: 
  • installation details, including customer’s name and address where work was performed
  • the contractor’s company name, address and contact information (phone and/or email) 
  • the brand, model number and purchase date of the products installed
Gas appliance installations also require:
  • a natural gas permit number
  • the gas contractor’s Technical Safety BC licence number

Additional Energy Advisor supported rebates

Have an EnerGuide pre- and post-upgrade home evaluation performed by a program-qualified Energy Advisor and qualify for up to $1,400 in additional rebates:
  • Up to $500 draftproofing rebate
    Improve your home’s air sealing (as shown by a blower door test during the pre- and post-upgrade evaluation), and you could receive a draftproofing rebate of up to $500. 
  • $750 Bonus Offer
    Make three of any of these eligible upgrades and you could qualify for the $750 Bonus Offer. 
  • $150 Energy Coach Home Evaluation Rebate from the Province of BC2
    This rebate is available upon completion of a post-upgrade EnerGuide evaluation performed by a program-qualified Energy Advisor.

A pre- and post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation performed by a program-qualified Energy Advisor will show you:

  • where your home is losing energy 
  • your home’s EnerGuide rating what energy-efficiency upgrades you can make to save energy and money

See terms and conditions for eligibility requirements and rebate details for more information.

How to apply for Energy Advisor supported rebates
  1. Hire a program-qualified Energy Advisor to complete a pre-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation.
  2. After your upgrades are done, have your Energy Advisor complete the post-upgrade evaluation. Your Energy Advisor will provide the application for the Bonus Offer, draftproofing and Energy Coach rebates. You’ll still need to submit your own application for the individual upgrades.

Municipal Special Offers

Qualify for a City of Vancouver Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant
If your home has oil or natural gas heating and was constructed prior to 1940 (or is listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register), you may be eligible for up to an additional $6,000 in rebates through the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Financing your upgrades?

We've partnered with VanCity to help make your energy-efficiency renovations easier with the VanCity Home Energy™ Loan.


  • Watch our video on how to apply for rebates.
  • For advice on options and incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades for your home, contact the BC Home Energy Coach. It’s free, available by phone or online, and offered by a third-party non-profit organization, City Green Solutions. 
  • For questions about your home renovation rebate, call FortisBC at 1-877-740-0055.

Additional resources

BC Standards of Practice Guide for Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits

​Insulation must be installed in accordance with the BC Standards of Practice Guide for Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits.

Stay safe. Test your home for radon.

​Radon is a naturally occurring, odourless gas in the soil that can enter your home through the foundation or plumbing. Exposure to radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is to test. Learn more about the health risks of radon and home testing and mitigation.

1EnerGuide is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.
2This rebate is provided by the Province of BC Innovative Clean Energy Fund.
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.