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Buying from FortisBC

As the leading natural gas utility in British Columbia, FortisBC has a well-established track record for providing dependable service. This includes delivering natural gas, operating and maintaining natural gas pipelines, reading natural gas meters and providing 24-hour emergency service. These services stay the same whether you choose to purchase natural gas from an independent gas marketer or FortisBC.

If you would like to continue buying your natural gas from FortisBC there is no action required on your part. FortisBC will continue to provide you with natural gas, charged at a variable rate.

Natural gas from FortisBC

  • FortisBC offers natural gas at a variable rate.*
  • You pay what we pay. We purchase natural gas from producers on the open market and then pass it along to you without mark-up. We make money by charging for the delivery service.
  • As market prices go up and down, your rate may change accordingly. If the market rate goes up your rate may also increase.
  • FortisBC does not sell natural gas door-to-door. If you are already a FortisBC natural gas customer, no action is required on your part.
  • Rates are reviewed quarterly by the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) and can be adjusted based on market conditions.

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*FortisBC operates under regulations set out by the BC Utilities Commission. These regulations prevent us from offering fixed-term, fixed-rate contracts or different prices to customers in the same rate class.