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Electric vehicles for BC

​More and more British Columbians are interested in driving an electric vehicle. FortisBC is helping our customers lead the charge and plug in to cleaner energy choices for transportation. This helps support the province’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, too.

What are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles have batteries that reduce or eliminate the need for conventional transportation fuels. The three main types are:

  • Hybrid – combines a conventional engine with an electric battery that can power the car at lower speeds or when stopped, thus saving fuel 
  • Plug-in hybrid – has a larger battery capacity than the conventional hybrid and can be recharged from a wall outlet or charging station
  • All-electric (or battery electric) – fuelled only by electricity, produces no emissions and must be plugged in to a power source to recharge its battery

If you are considering buying a plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicle, the Province of British Columbia offers rebates on eligible electric vehicles.

Where can electric vehicles be charged?

At home

Depending on the type of vehicle and the voltage of your outlet, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles may be charged using your home’s electricity. Charging stations designed for home use are available and provide a faster charge than a wall outlet. Check your owner’s manual for details on how to charge your vehicle, and consult a qualified electrician to ensure you can do so safely.

On the road

Electric vehicles can also be charged at a growing network of public charging stations. Some are free while others may require a fee. The PlugShare website has a map-based interface that can help you find one near you, or plan where to charge when you’re on the road.


 PlugShare Map Charging Stations


Where are we going next?

Local governments, businesses and building owners are getting on board with electric vehicles by installing charging stations at their facilities for their own fleets, for employees and even for public use. In 2016, FortisBC worked with the City of Kelowna to help provide new charging stations downtown in the city’s museum parking lot.

This pilot project will help us learn more about how customers are adopting and using electric vehicles in BC, and how we can support customers who choose electric vehicles in the future.

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