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Your electricity rates

As of January 1, 2017

Customers saw an interim 2.76 per cent increase take effect on January 1. For the average residential electricity customer, this was an increase of approximately $3.65 per month. This interim rate change was made permanent by the BC Utilities Commission on January 27.

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An overview of how your rates are calculated.


Residential conservation rate

The residential conservation rate is a two block rate structure designed by the BCUC and FortisBC to help encourage energy conservation. Essentially, it provides financial incentives if you use less electricity. The first 1,600 kWh you use bimonthly are charged at a lower rate than the previous flat rate. Your electricity use above this amount is then billed at a higher rate.

Understanding your bill

Every month you get a bill showing you how much electricity you’ve used. The amount you pay on your bill provides you with electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and helps us recover costs of distributing electricity to you. The increase in rates supports the necessary investments into the electricity grid that serves you and 167,600 customers in BC’s southern Interior safely and reliably.

Your bill is composed of these charges:

  • basic charge, which pays for;
    • your meter
    • maintaining infrastructure
    • billing costs
  • energy you used during your billing period.

Questions & answers

Why do rates change?

Rates can change because of:

  • the need to purchase additional power and equipment when we’re unable to meet demand
  • the cost of maintaining and replacing aging equipment

From time to time we’re also mandated by the BC Utilities Commission to make rate adjustments, such as implementing the residential conservation rate.

What is an interim rate?

Each year we go through a rate setting process. Interim rates are set before the process is complete and can change. If they do, your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

What are some ways I can save energy in my home?

FortisBC PowerSense has many low and no-cost tips to help you save energy at home, as well as programs designed to reduce your energy use.

How do FortisBC’s electricity rates compare to other utilities?
When compared to other utilities in North America, we are among the top third lowest rates.