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Call or click before you dig

​Did you know April is National Safe Digging Month?

Before tilling the soil in your new garden, or breaking ground on your next construction project – first do one important thing – call or click on BC One Call to find the location of gas lines and buried utilities.

Examples of when to call or click BC One Call include:

  • excavating a job site

  • building a fence

  • digging in your garden

  • installing a sign

  • any other ground disturbance

Still not sure when to call? The BC One Call service is fast, free and could help you avoid safety hazards and costly repairs. Make the call or click​ to the BC One Call website.

BC One CallThree easy steps for safe digging

  1. Call or click: Call BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or click on to make an e-ticket locate request a minimum of two business days before you start your project. BC One Call will notify all member companies that have buried utilities in your dig area.
  2. Review: Within two or three business days, FortisBC will provide you information to safely locate gas lines. Review it before digging.
  3. Clarify: Need help understanding where it's safe to dig? Call FortisBC at 1-888-822-6555 and we can walk you through the details.​

How to hand dig after receiving location details

  1. Use the information provided to mark the location of buried lines.
  2. Carefully hand dig to expose the lines—do not use power equipment within one metre of the gas line.
  3. Proceed with your project, avoiding the line.

Working around natural gas lines

If your job involves breaking ground of any kind, download these resources to help you dig safely:



 Watch what to do when digging in your front- or backyard (for homeowners)




 Watch how to control possible danger for your workers when you dig, drill or excavate (for contractors)