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Compressed natural gas

The right fuel for your fleet

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is natural gas that’s been piped to a CNG compression facility and delivered through our natural gas system to various dispensing stations across BC.

CNG fuelling process

CNG is compressed and stored onboard the vehicle in a high-pressure storage tank at about 3,000 pounds per square inch. It’s a good fuel choice for medium-duty vehicles travelling a moderate distance between refuelling.

Types of CNG vehicles

  • waste haulers and dump trucks
  • courier and delivery trucks
  • transit buses
  • school buses

CNG is also suitable for light-duty vehicles, such as:

  • passenger cars (e.g. Honda Civic GX)
  • pickup trucks (e.g. Ford F150)
  • cargo vans and minivans (e.g. Chevrolet Express Van)

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​Our financial incentives can help you convert your fleet to natural gas.