Marine vessels

Marine LNG fuelling

Looking for liquefied natural gas (LNG)? Our LNG is among the cleanest and most cost-competitive in the world. Tilbury has been operating safety for 50 years of LNG experience, and we’re providing innovative solutions for marine customers who want to convert their fleets and start fuelling with LNG.

LNG fuel where you need it

Strategically located near ports, water channels and the Pacific Ocean, our LNG facilities can serve the West Coast of North America, Asia and other international marine fleet operators today. In fact, our LNG plants are the only LNG production facilities operating along the North American West Coast.

Map showing our high-capacity LNG plants located in Delta, B.C. and near Nanaimo, B.C. (19-012.38)

BC’s LNG: among the cleanest in the world

Researchers found BC LNG from FortisBC’s Tilbury facility has a much lower carbon intensity than LNG from the U.S. Gulf Coast, due to a number of advantages—including cleaner electricity and closer proximity to eastern Asia.

Tilbury LNG exports can reduce lifecycle GHGs in China: study

Environmental benefits of LNG-fuelled marine vessels

BC’s LNG cost-saving advantage

With our convenient location, colder climate and access to abundant natural gas reserves, we’re able to price our LNG very competitively. 

Save money with BC’s LNG for marine vessels