Truck fleets

Truck fleets fuelling with CNG and LNG

Looking to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions as well as your fuelling costs? Natural gas has become the natural choice for leading fleet operators around the world. Advances in technology have paved the way for ultra-low emission natural gas engines and advanced fuel storage systems, so you can shrink your operating costs and your environmental footprint.

Incentives for natural gas vehicles

Medium and heavy-duty natural gas truck fleet incentives: we can help with the cost of upgrading commercial trucks and buses to CNG or LNG. Learn more and get the application here.

Light-duty natural gas vehicle incentives: we offer incentives for upgrading to CNG-fuelled passenger cars and vans, pickup trucks, cargo vans and forklifts. Learn more and get the application here.

Fuel cost savings for commercial fleets

You can save up to 40 per cent in fuel costs when using LNG or CNG rather than diesel. Learn more about the long-term financial benefits of fuelling with natural gas.

Fuel savings calculator

Use our calculator to compare your estimated diesel cost with CNG and LNG, and find out what your payback period would be after investing in natural gas vehicles.