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Renewable natural gas

​Join us, and stop waste from going to waste

When bacteria break down organic waste from sources such as landfill sites, agriculture waste and wastewater from treatment facilities, biogas is created. Working with our suppliers, we’re capturing and purifying it to provide you with renewable natural gas, a locally produced, carbon neutral energy source.


​For homes

For a small cost, you can be assured a portion of your natural gas supports the growth of renewable energy (e.g. 10 per cent renewable natural gas costs about $6 more per month).

By signing up for renewable natural gas, you’ll:

  • reduce your environmental footprint
  • enjoy exclusive benefits like contests, tours and more
  • receive a BC carbon tax credit equivalent to the amount of renewable natural gas you sign up for

Join today

For business

Be a leader and give customers a good reason to come back again and again.

By signing up for renewable natural gas, you’ll be a Green Leader and enjoy:

  • recognition on our website
  • recognition in a thank you ad
  • a link to your website from ours
  • social media opportunities

Join today

New! Starting September 2014, you can sign up for renewable natural gas and choose the blend of conventional and renewable natural gas you purchase from us. There will be five, 10, 25, 50 and 100 per cent blend options – the choice is yours. Learn more by emailing

Interested in calculating your contribution? Our calculator can help.

Support our Green Leaders & save with Green Leader rewards

From hotels and wineries, to chocolatiers and coffee companies, our business customers have said “YES” to renewable natural gas. Many of these Green Leaders offer our customers discounts and coupons.



​Certified carbon neutral

FortisBC’s renewable natural gas has been designated as carbon neutral in BC by Offsetters.

* Since the renewable natural gas offering launched to residential customers in June 2011 and commercial customers in March 2012, our supporters have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to removing 1,180 cars from the road. Estimated emissions avoided are equal to 0.0498 tonnes CO2e per gigajoule of natural gas. The estimated number of cars off the road is based on the annual emissions from an average car using the calculator at​ ​