About us

About FortisBC Alternative Energy Services Inc.

Building energy systems are becoming increasingly complex, with a focus on improved performance. That’s why we work with developers and mechanical consultants every day to determine the innovative system technologies that provide the best energy solution for each project.

Service and experience

Since 2005, we’ve offered conventional and innovative system technologies.

We own 75 operating projects, providing service to more than 11 million square feet, which constitutes approximately 117,000 MWh of thermal energy per year. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency service to our customers.

FAES Infographic
FAES Infographic

Our relationship with FortisBC

FortisBC Alternative Energy Services Inc., an affiliate of FortisBC Energy Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc., the largest investor-owned energy delivery utility in Canada, with assets exceeding $50 billion.

In 2005 we began, as part of Terasen Gas, to invest in alternative energy infrastructure. In 2011, under FortisBC Energy Inc., we received the British Columbia Utility Commission’s support to begin developing thermal energy services across the province. In 2014, the business was separated from FortisBC Energy Inc., and is regulated under the BCUC’s Thermal Energy Systems Regulatory Framework Guidelines. Today we are a leader in BC’s thermal energy industry.

We are regulated

FortisBC Alternative Energy Services is regulated under the BC Utilities Commission’s Thermal Energy Systems Regulatory Framework Guidelines. See regulatory filings.