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FortisBC Alternative Energy Services Inc.

The best solution is the one we develop together.

FortisBC Alternative Energy Services Inc. (FAES) specializes in owning, operating and maintaining centralized thermal energy assets for space heating and cooling, and domestic hot water heating.

Building energy systems are becoming increasingly complex, with a focus on improved performance. Our business model facilitates the implementation of innovative and upgraded thermal solutions that enable energy and infrastructure sharing, supports sustainability objectives and improves the performance of thermal energy systems through continual optimization.

We own and operate a portfolio of assets that includes conventional as well as renewable and recoverable technologies such as:

  • heat pumps
  • hydronic systems
  • geoexchange
  • waste heat recovery
  • variable refrigerant flow systems

We work with developers and mechanical consultants to determine the system technology that provides the optimal solution for each project.

Featured project

The Marine Gateway project, developed by the PCI Group, uses a geoexchange and energy sharing system to maximize the thermal energy delivered to residential, commercial and retail customers.