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Why work with FAES

​As a third-party utility owner and operator of centralized thermal energy assets, our business model offers multiple benefits to both the project developer and the end-user or customer.

Benefits to developers:

Financial savings: Our ownership of thermal energy systems adds capital to the bottom line of projects, which helps offset the cost of installing an upgraded, more energy-efficient solution. 

Leadership in energy sharing: We help by aligning the interests of diverse end-user groups to enable effective energy sharing and waste heat recovery. Furthermore, we provide a third-party intermediary for operational issues.

System performance and optimization:  As the owner of efficient thermal energy systems, which require less fuel than conventional systems, we focus on ensuring the thermal energy system delivers on its sustainability objectives through management of system performance and optimization over the long term.

Expertise: As the pioneer and leading on-site thermal energy service provider in BC, we’re able to draw on our own expertise as well as engage with expert consultants and contractors to manage today's increasingly complex thermal energy systems.

Benefits to customers:

Simplicity: Our thermal energy rate includes the costs of initial capital, operation and maintenance, commodity fuels, replacement or sustaining capital and insurance. This means one thermal energy rate, which consolidates all related expenses into a single line item for customers.  This makes it easy for customers to identify the costs associated with the thermal energy service.

Stable and predictable rates:  Our thermal energy rate is designed to smooth energy system costs over the life of service thereby helping create stable and predictable rates for customers.

Peace of mind: We provide worry-free service through managing the complexities of system operation, maintenance, optimization and sustainment over the long term.

Customer care: Our systems are centrally monitored and we provide 24/7 emergency service support.