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Safety programs for kids

Michelle Petrusevich, public safety manager
As part of our public safety program, we work with teachers across BC to help educate students about natural gas and electricity – where they come from, how to use and conserve them and how to be safe around them.

Energy is Awesome!

The Energy is Awesome presentations are designed to educate children aged eight to 11 or grades three to six about natural gas and electricity safety and conservation.

The presentation is delivered to schools located within 500 metres of a right of way and to schools and children’s community groups upon request. Students will receive activity books and other educational material. As a thank you, teachers and group leaders will receive a $25 gift certificate for Scholastic Books.

Visit Energy is Awesome for online games, videos and activities.

High school awareness campaign

Looking for something to share with your students? FortisBC is currently developing a public safety awareness campaign for high school students. To kick start this campaign, students of Vancouver’s Cinematheque Education Department have produced five short films to convey FortisBC’s natural gas and electric safety messages with a fun twist to engage their peers. 

We want your input to help us develop and improve our high school program to meet your needs and those of your students.