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Marine bunkering

​Fuelling the future

Clean-burning liquefied natural gas (LNG) can help you navigate the future. Fuelling your fleets with LNG can help reduce your emissions and fuel costs, and we’re the first company in the world to offer a truck-to-ship onboard LNG bunkering system. 

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Our high-capacity LNG plants are the only LNG facilities operating along the North American West Coast.

Strategically located near ports, water channels and the Pacific Ocean, our Tilbury and Mt. Hayes LNG facilities are ready to serve marine fleet operators from the West Coast of North America, Japan and other international markets today.

LNG from BC can be transported anywhere on the west coast to fuel your vessel, meeting your scheduling and fuel volumes.

Why LNG?

Using LNG rather than other marine fuels can lower carbon dioxide emissions by up to 29 per cent.1 It will help marine operators meet new international environmental regulations requiring cleaner marine fuel.2

Fleets switching to LNG can save more than 50 per cent on fuelling costs.3 

Increased capacity to meet growing demand

Our Tilbury LNG facility has been safely operating for more than 40 years. We’re completing an expansion of the facility in 2017, and site zoning can accommodate further expansion within the footprint of the existing facility. 

Today, our LNG is being used by a variety of operators including BC Ferries, one of the largest ferry operators in North America, and Seaspan Ferries Corporation, a prominent marine transportation company operating along North America’s West Coast. We’re also supplying LNG for fleet vehicles and to other local and regional markets. 

Customized solutions for you

We’ll work with you and your existing bunkering suppliers prior to the design and construction of a new LNG vessel to craft a customized bunkering approach that works for you. This includes ship-to-ship, shore-to-ship and tanker trailer-to-ship options.

Financial incentives

We may provide eligible marine operators with financial incentives to pay for a portion of the incremental capital cost associated with switching to LNG-fuelled vessels.

Contact us to learn more

Arvind Ramakrishnan
Senior Manager, Business Growth NGT, Regional LNG
Tel: 604-592-8210


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