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​Training courses and resources for your team

From basic information for your office staff to hands-on training for mobile refuelling equipment, FortisBC offers a range of training opportunities and resources for our natural gas for transportation customers. This training is suitable for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fleet operators, is free of charge and delivered by a professional educator.
Here is a sample of the courses and training we offer:*

Introduction to natural gas for transportation

Safety issues related to natural gas as a transportation fuel and the benefits offered by natural gas are important for all employees to understand, so this basic awareness course is suitable for personnel not directly involved in transportation operations. It’s presented in a classroom setting to allow for opportunities to ask questions and have discussions.

CNG/LNG technical fundamentals

An alternative to the Introduction to natural gas for transportation course, this course is for personnel directly involved in operations or management of CNG and/or LNG. Delivered in a classroom/boardroom setting, this course can be used as a stepping stone to more specialized training courses, such as CNG/LNG refuelling or CNG/LNG station operations.

CNG/LNG refuelling and mobile refuelling

Training for this course begins with an interactive video, followed by hands-on practice delivered on-site by an instructor or FortisBC field trainer. While our CNG/LNG technical fundamentals course is considered a prerequisite for this course, it’s not mandatory.

CNG/LNG refuelling (field trainer)

This one-on-one training session is delivered on-site to a trained CNG/LNG refueller who is designated as the company’s field trainer.
*The content, topics and outcomes of these courses are subject to change without notice.

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