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Tilbury LNG Facility

​FortisBC uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) to supplement the Lower Mainland gas supply during periods of peak demand. In operation since 1971, our LNG Facility on Tilbury Island in Delta, B.C. is located near the FortisBC transmission pipeline system just a few kilometres from metropolitan Vancouver. 

At the facility we take natural gas from the pipeline and convert it into a liquid for storage. We then convert the liquefied natural gas back into gas vapour and deliver it to the pipeline during periods of high demand.

Currently, LNG produced at the Tilbury LNG facility is for sale in both local BC markets and regional markets including truck-based exports to the US by other parties. Under its open tariff rate schedule 46, FortisBC provides LNG to serve local fleets and more recently to remote communities such as Inuvik and Whitehorse. LNG from the facility is currently being shipped in ISO-containers to Vancouver Island by a third-party ferry service for use in the transportation industry on the Island.

The plant has a variety of special features designed for the safe handling of LNG. These include sophisticated monitoring, control and alarm systems and a high, insulated-concrete dike surrounding the main storage tank. Regular maintenance and upgrading of equipment, operator training, safety equipment and continuous process monitoring ensure optimum and safe operation.

Current use

  • FortisBC uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) to supplement the Lower Mainland gas supply during periods of peak demand.
  • Heavy-duty customers such as Vedder Transport Ltd., Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. and Denwill Enterprises Inc. acquire LNG from the existing Tilbury LNG facility.
  • The town of Inuvik in the North West Territories is offsetting its diesel-fuel utility operations using LNG transported from Tilbury.

Plant expansion

We are expanding our facility to meet the long-term projected growth for LNG as a cleaner transportation fuel and an important energy source for communities, industry and the marketplace.  Read more about the Tilbury LNG plant expansion project.

Quick facts

  • The original Tilbury LNG facility was built in 1971, and we've adhered to the highest standards of safety ever since.
  • The Tilbury Island plant can liquefy 120,000 cubic metres (4.24 million cubic feet) of natural gas per day.
  • Since LNG takes up 1/600th of the volume of gas, the tank, with a volume of 28,000 cubic metres, holds the equivalent of 17 million cubic metres (600 million cubic feet) of natural gas — enough gas to keep a community of 12,000 warm for about 45 very cold days.
  • We began providing LNG as a fuel for use in remote communities in 1997 and as a transportation fuel in 2009.
  • The existing facility supplies LNG to a number of transportation customers, and the facility expansion will allow us to further develop the LNG supply for this growing market.