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​Energy efficiency. Good for smaller footprints

Renovating or upgrading (4)

Home Energy Rebate Offer

  • Insulation, draftproofing, space heating and ventilation rebates
  • $750 Bonus Offer with three eligible upgrades
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ENERGY STAR® Water Heater Program
  • Save on ENERGY STAR® water heaters 
  • Boost efficiency
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Switch 'n' Shrink
  • Save on ENERGY STAR® heating systems
  • Replace your oil or propane heating system to natural gas
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EnerChoice Fireplace Program
  • Save on EnerChoice® fireplaces
  • Efficient warmth and ambience
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Building a new home (1)

New Home Program
  • ​You build. You choose.
  • Install high-efficiency natural gas water heaters, fireplaces &/or boilers
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Conservation assistance (2)

Energy Conservation Assistance Program
  • Energy Conservation Assistance Program for qualified low-income customers
  • Evaluation and installation of energy saving products
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Energy saving kit
  • Free kits for eligible low-income households 
  • Easy to install energy saving products
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