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Natural gas for transportation

Today, natural gas is already a conventional fuel choice, with 14 million natural gas vehicles in use around the world.

With BC’s transportation industry responsible for 40% of provincial greenhouse gas emissions, converting fleets and vehicles to natural gas will help the province meet its goal of 33% carbon reduction by 2020.1


 Natural Gas Vehicles


Why shift to natural gas?

British Columbia has abundant natural gas reserves, with natural gas production in BC expected to grow 40% by 2020.2

Natural gas is an economical and environmentally friendly fuel choice for transportation. Ideal for return-to-base fleets like waste haulers, courier trucks, buses, tractor trailers and marine vessels, its benefits include:

  • Natural gas fuel costs have historically been 25 to 50% less than diesel.3
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 20 to 30%.
  • According to operators, natural gas engines run quieter compared to diesel trucks.

Is natural gas right for your fleet?

We can help your fleet get on the road with cleaner fuel for cleaner air. Email us at


1 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 2011/12–2013/14 Service Plan, p. 9
2 Source: Transcanada Pipelines
3 Based on comparison of fuel costs of diesel and FortisBC Rate 6 (fuelling station) from 2000 to 2011. For more historical petroleum price data, see M.J. Ervin and Associates:




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