5 helpful tips when applying for rebates

November 4, 2019


Updated June 15, 2021


Is it time to upgrade your home's insulation or replace your aging water heater or space heating system? Good news, we’ve got some rebates that will help you save money and energy.

We want to make sure you’re rewarded with every possible dollar you deserve so we’ve come up with some tips to help ease you through the rebate application process.

1. Use our online rebate checker tool

Each rebate webpage has a list of rebate-eligible models or product eligibility requirements. For natural gas space and water heating equipment, we also have an online rebate checker tool. You can access it via the applicable program webpage or our mobile app and search using just the manufacturer’s name, or even a partial model number. Or, if you know the model number of the natural gas equipment you want to have installed, use the rebate checker to see if your model is eligible. Model numbers for the following equipment types are available:

  • furnaces
  • boilers
  • combination space and water heating systems
  • water heaters
  • fireplaces

2. Check the deadlines

Before you purchase or have your upgrades installed, be sure to check the rebate deadlines and program terms and conditions. Each rebate webpage has a "General eligibility" section outlining how you can qualify for rebates, which includes application deadlines. Most upgrades require you to submit your application within six months of the paid invoice date, but some deadlines are sooner. If participating in any time-limited promotions be sure to check the deadlines and requirements for those as well. You can find the application deadlines for all our rebates on the individual program pages.

3. Include the permit number on your application

When a licensed contractor installs a natural gas appliance they must pull a permit for the work. To avoid a delay with your application, ensure the invoice from your contractor includes the following:

Helpful hint: before you have the licensed contractor come to perform the work, look over the “How to apply” section on the applicable rebate webpage and be sure to gather all relevant information from your contractor when they’re at your home so you don’t have to track it down later.

If you hire one of our Trade Ally Network contractors, they know all about the application requirements for our rebate programs. You can also check out our tips for hiring a contractor to find out the right questions to ask before you hire your contractor.

4. Include the correct make and model number on your application

You might be surprised, but the top reason a customer’s rebate cheque is delayed is because they didn’t include on their application the make and model number of the heating equipment they had installed. We want to get your cheque in hand as soon as possible, so be sure to have your contractor clearly identify the make and model number on your invoice.

Laptop screen with My Rebate Applications on FortisBC.

5. Submit your application online

All our rebate applications must be submitted online. You can find the link to the application for the rebate you’re applying for via the applicable rebate webpage. Be sure to have an electronic version of your paid purchase invoice as you’ll need to upload it when you complete your application. And if installing a furnace or boiler, we may ask you for a copy of the commissioning sheet or photo of the two-pipe system in the future, so it’s a good idea to have those on hand as well. For tips on using our online application, check out our handy how-to guide.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about our rebates or need help with the online application please contact us via one of the following:

  • online contact form for both natural gas and electricity rebates
  • call 1-855-909-2329 for natural gas rebates
  • call 1-855-909-2331 for electricity rebates