Committing to RNG, is committing to our future

March 30, 2017


Capturing methane from landfills and agriculture is already playing a critical role in helping our province achieve its greenhouse gas targets and funding for new technology will help realize these benefits sooner.

When bacteria breaks down organic waste from sources—primarily farms, landfills and wastewater treatment facilities—biogas is created. The gas is then captured, purified and blended into natural gas distribution lines and delivered to homes, businesses and transportation fleets as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). By capturing methane that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, it’s considered carbon neutral and reduces equivalent carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25 times. The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and its natural gas delivery members, including FortisBC, have worked hard to drive innovation for the last six years with initiatives and investments around the use of RNG.  Since 2012, we have provided 300,000 GJ of RNG sourced from local suppliers to more than 7,000 customers.

Just recently, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) announced a partnership with CGA members (Enbridge Gas Distribution, FortisBC, Gaz Metro, Union Gas, utility host ATCO) and the Natural Gas Innovation Fund, Alberta Innovates and FPInnovations. These organizations are contributing a combined $1.35 million to new RNG technology developed by G4 Insights Inc., a renewable energy producer.

This new RNG technology will:

  • transform waste products from Canada’s forestry industry into a valuable fuel product
  • support rural economic diversification
  • create good jobs that benefit rural communities in forested areas

“Improving the technology to convert biomass to RNG will support the industry’s aspirational target of blending 10 per cent RNG in the Canadian natural gas distribution system by 2030,” affirms Timothy M. Egan, president and CEO of CGA.

Companies and individuals are already making a difference by choosing RNG. For as little as a few dollars a month, you too can make a difference – small or large.  You can opt for 5, 10, 25, 50 or even 100 per cent of the natural gas you use to be RNG. You'll also receive a credit on the BC carbon tax on your bill proportionate to the RNG blend you choose. By making a commitment to use RNG, you are reducing your carbon footprint, supporting a carbon-neutral made-in-BC product and helping to create a more sustainable future for our province.

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